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Dream of Destiny is an initiative that encourages Pastors, Bible College Presidents, and Ministry leaders to be intentional about fostering more diversity in their leadership, staff, and constituents. The primary goal of the Gospel is to reconnect ALL people through Christ to God. As Christ’s “body” we are commissioned to reach all people groups, not just those who look like us or come from the same socio-economic background. This mandate requires that we be very intentional about connecting and developing authentic relationships with people who are culturally and ethnically different from ourselves. Dream of Destiny is committed to helping leaders accomplish this goal with and through their ministries.

Dudley Rutherford

Dudley RutherfordDudley Rutherford is the founder of Dream of Destiny and the senior pastor of Shepherd Church, a 12,000-member congregation that has been called "the most racially diverse church in Los Angeles" by the city's mayor. Dudley is passionate about boldly sharing the truth, hope, and salvation that is found in Jesus Christ with all people. Dudley is the author of Compelled: The Irresistible Call to Share Your Faith, Walls Fall Down: 7 Steps from the Battle of Jericho to Overcome Any Challenge; God Has an App for That; Unleashed: The Church Turning the World Upside Down; Romancing Royalty; and Proverbs in a Haystack. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from Ozark Christian College and his Master's Degree in Church Growth from Hope International University. Dudley also obtained an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Charles University. He has had the distinction of speaking for several professional sports teams and has been a featured chapel speaker for the World Series. Dudley and his beautiful wife, Renee, have three children and reside in Porter Ranch (Los Angeles). For more information about Dudley, please visit LiftUpJesus.com.



If you are going to be intentional about fostering diversity within your church, you might need some help. Dream of Destiny now offers individual and group coaching for church planters and pastors of existing churches. Contact us for more information.

Assessments & Training in Cultural Agility

Are you cross-culturally agile? Can you navigate the cultural differences that inevitably arise in a multi-ethnic context? Are you able to appreciate and affirm cultural differences as you pursue unity in your congregation? Intercultural competence has been identified as a critical leadership component for sustained efforts in pursuing intentionally diverse churches and organizations.
Travis Hurley, Director for the Dream of Destiny Initiative, is available to bring cross-cultural competency teaching, coaching and assessment to your organization. With over 15 years of education & experience in successfully leading and developing multi-ethnic churches and educational institutions, Travis is equipped to assist your organization in pursuit of the biblical mandate for visible unity across all ethnic, cultural, generational and socio-economic lines.
To schedule an initial consultation, call us at 417.540.6154.

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