A Letter from Byron Davis

Dear Friends of the Dream of Destiny Initiative,

As we turn the page on 2014, I am excited for what 2015 will bring! The NACC is in Cincinnati in June this year, and it is shaping up to offer a lot of great opportunities for networking and development. In just a few days, you’ll be hearing about the role Dream of Destiny will play at this year’s convention, but first…

I wanted to share with you a fresh and new change that has encouraged me deeply – Travis Hurley will be offering fresh legs to the Dream of Destiny initiative, serving as director and thus overseeing communications, website curation, and our flagship breakfast at the convention.

Travis is a longtime friend and fellow front-liner in this effort toward enhancing diversity at the leadership levels of our Restoration Movement. He has a heart for reconciliation, has been a vocal supporter of the Dream of Destiny initiative for over 6 years, and is always looking for ways to put thought into action.

Having pastored a multi-ethnic church in the Washington D.C. area, Travis currently serves in the development department for Ozark Christian College, where he is leading the college’s effort to enhance campus diversity at all levels.

Travis has long demonstrated his passion and commitment to see the diversity of heaven be reflected in the churches and bible colleges that represent the independent Christian church brotherhood. Please extend him a warm welcome, lend him your prayers, and support him well as he carries on the good work of fostering more unity through diversity in our brotherhood.

As for me, I am leveraging a new opportunity to launch and pursue a ministry that empowers corporate and ministry leaders to thrive in their lives and careers. Byron DavisIt’s called the Epic Life Project, it takes the form of workshops and life-coaching, and the goal is very simple: To help the people of God succeed at living out their sub-plot in God’s Epic Story. I’d welcome your prayers for this new venture and would be glad to share more with anyone interested.

For now, though, I want to thank you, Travis, for your leadership and the fresh vision for carrying Dream of Destiny to its next level. And thank all of you who have locked arms with me over the first few years of what I hope is a dream we see fulfilled in the days ahead.

Be Well my Brothers & Sisters,


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