Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast

We are excited to announce that the special guest speaker for this year’s Dream of Destiny Breakfast at the North American Christian Convention (NACC) in Cincinnati, OH, will be none other than Dr. John M. Perkins!

Dr. Perkins is a highly respected Christian leader across the country and around the globe. A hero of the civil rights era, he has authored several books, served on multiple presidential councils, and helped found the Christian Community Development Association.Perkins5

Dr. Perkins brings sustained passion and years of real life experience working for racial reconciliation, multi-ethnic ministry endeavors, and community development and transformation.

It is truly an honor to have Dr. Perkins come to the NACC, as we gather in support of greater diversity among the churches, colleges and organizations that share a Restoration Movement heritage.

Please mark your calendars now for Thursday, June 25th, and plan to join us in the Millennium Hotel at 7:30 am for the Dream of Destiny Breakfast with Dr. John M. Perkins.

Tickets will be $5 per person. A notification will be sent when those tickets go on sale.

For now, put it on your calendar and watch for further details to come!

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