A Tale of Two Americas… and the Mini Mart Where They Collided.

Dream of Destiny encourages the intentional fostering of ethnic diversity by Christian leaders both in our churches and other organizations as well as in our own personal lives.  For leaders to truly be successful in this regard – going beyond surface acquaintances and into real, deep relationship – we must be willing to have hard conversations.

Based on the 2014 book, The True American, here is a powerful Ted Talk from just two months ago, March, 2015, wherein the author – and New York Times columnist – Anand Giridharadas shares the real-life story of an attack at a Texas mini-mart.  Shared from a Muslim’s perspective, it serves a broader audience as 1) a parable about the two paths an American life can take, and 2) a powerful call for reconciliation:

America is simultaneously the most and the least successful country in the industrialized world. Launching the world’s best companies, even as record numbers of children go hungry. Seeing life-expectancy drop for large groups, even as it polishes the world’s best hospitals. America today is a sprightly young body, hit by one of those strokes that sucks the life from one side, while leaving the other worryingly perfect.




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