Lessons from the Mental Hospital

Dream of Destiny encourages the intentional fostering of ethnic diversity by Christian leaders both in our churches and other organizations as well as in our own personal lives.  For leaders to truly be successful in this regard – going beyond surface acquaintances and into real, deep relationship – we must be willing to have hard conversations.

In today’s post, New York Times Bestseller Glennon Doyle Melton uses her wit and often comedic timing to share her private and provocative story of courage and standing in truth in a great TedTalk.

Melton says, “…sitting with the pain and the joy of being a human being, while refusing to run for any exits is the only way to become a real human being.” As Dream of Destiny prepares for the upcoming Race & Restoration Summit, we hope to have an environment where more stories are shared with courage and truth, and where the pain and joy of being imperfect human beings is embraced so that greater understanding and fellowship can be pursued.

Enjoy the Ted Talk and join us in February for the Summit.  You can register today.


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