2016 Race & Restoration Summit – Featured Speaker

Meet Mark DeYmaz

Dream of Destiny is excited to have such an insightful thought leader participate in the Summit.  Mark will motivate you to action in two presentations. On Tuesday, February 23, he will deliver a presentation that focuses on the Multi-Ethnic Ministry Mandate. On Wednesday, February 24, Mark will lead a discussion on Real Community Transformation.

Mark DeYmaz is the founding pastor of the Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas, a multi-ethnic and economically diverse church where significant percentages of Black and White Americans, together with men and women from more than 30 nations, walk, work and worship God together as one.

As a recognized leader in the emerging Multi-ethnic Church Movement, Mark has written several books including, Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church and Ethnic Blends: Mixing Diversity Into Your Local Church. He is also the a co-founder and president of the Mosaix Global Network, an organization dedicated to inspiring unity and diversity in the local church throughout North America and beyond.

Mark and his wife, Linda, have been married for 25 years and together they have four children – Zack, Emily, Will and Kate.

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