Summer Internship Spotlight: Alia Alzyoud

Dream of Destiny is delighted to share the experience of one of  this year’s internship grant recipients, Alia Alzyoud. In today’s post, Alia writes about her experience as an intern at Current – A Christian Church in Katy, Texas. 

This summer I was blessed to do an internship in Katy, TX at Current  – A Christian Church. Here I worked under a youth minister named Titus. Katy is located in the Houston area which is one of the top five biggest cities and top three most diverse cities in the United States. Since being at Current, whether in the youth or in the main congregation, I have seen the kingdom of God reflected in the people here. There are literally people from all over, different countries, different ethnicities, different races. Current – A Christian Church has given me a glimpse of what the kingdom of God or heaven looks like.

Current picMy first week there was a whirl wind, but boy did I love it! My main purpose here in Katy was a Youth Intern, so quickly I began doing intern things like prepping for Sunday, coming up with ideas for different activities and helping to plan the move up Sunday and pool party. Along with that, I got to talk with Titus about figuring out what it would look like to evaluate the diversity of the church. Or in other words, seeing if the church is reflecting the same diversity that is found in the community. What we landed on was taking a count or census and comparing it to Katy’s. This is something I would do later in the summer.

At the beginning of the summer, I had the chance to go on a missions trip with the youth to South Dakota, where we got to work with Native Americans on a reservation. This was such a unique place and such a great opportunity to learn about people in our own country; those who are looked down on and not treated equally because of their heritage. Getting the opportunity to learn more about a different people group than my own with students was such a blessing. It made me look at people through the lens of Jesus even more, and see that we all come from different places, but we are loved by the same God. Now this is something I have known for a while, but this time, I experienced it. Quickly my passion to bridge gaps between people grew. I want people to know that no matter where they are, who they are, where they are from, the color of their skin, or the culture from which they emerge, they are loved and known by Jesus. This truth became the driving force behind my summer.

Next I went to camp and CIY and I got to work with the youth. I got to meet students who were black, white, Jamaican, Filipino, Nigerian, and Mexican. I got to live out the truth that drove my passion. I also loved doing my Sam’s Club runs. Why? There was no time that I got to experience more diversity than picking up snacksimage2 for youth group. There I met a man named Aymen. He was from Lebanon and was a Muslim man. I met him at the concessions where we made a connection through our names. He quickly picked up that I too had an Arab name. I asked him about his family, his wife and son also worked there. They moved to Texas a few years back and they enjoyed working at Sam’s. Each week I would make a run to Sam’s and talk with Aymen as I bought a pretzel, or churro. I would just ask him how he was, I would tell him what I was doing for the church that day, then I would ask him how his family was, then as I left I would pray for him. I prayed that through this small interaction he would see Jesus through me, and know that he is loved. Its been a few weeks since I have had to make a Sam’s run but not a day goes by that I don’t pray for Aymen and his family to know Jesus. The diversity here in Katy fills my heart with joy.

During my last week there and I finished doing the evaluation to later pass onto the church. It turns out the church has more diversity than Katy itself. It was so cool to see and talk to people about how Current is home for them because when they walked in they saw more people like them.  When they walked in, they felt that this place was so much more than a church, that it was a family; a family that lived out the command to baptize people from every tribe, tongue, and nation, and to share the good news with everyone. Current  – A Christian Church was not only a place where I experienced tremendous growth but it was also a place where I got a taste of heaven. How beautiful it has been to see all kinds of people from all kinds of places come together to worship the One and Only King.

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About Alia Alzyoud

AliaAlia Alzyoud is a senior at Ozark Christian College who grew up in Stillwater, OK. Her father is from Jordan and is a Muslim, and her mother grew up in small-town Oklahoma and is a Christian. At age 18, Alia began attending a Christian church and became a Christian soon there after.

Alia enjoys being outdoors and being in the community.  She wants to become a youth minister and work state side for a while working with students and empowering them to choose Jesus. One day, Alia plans to return to her family in Jordan and work with Muslim and Christian families in the Middle East, showing and teaching the love, grace  and hope of Christ.



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