Under Our Skin:  Getting Real about Race in the Church

At this past summer’s North American Christian Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, a panel discussion took place entitled, “Under Our Skin:  Getting Real about Race in the Church.” Four panelists shared from their personal journeys and identified practical steps every church can take to heal the divide, and build congregations that TRULY are for everyone.

Dream of Destiny Director Travis Hurley and Sergio Rizo, Vice President of Development for Ozark Christian College, served as co-moderators/panelists along with Daryl Reed, lead minister at D.C. Regional Christian Church, and Sean Palmer, teaching pastor at Ecclessia in Houston, Texas, and author of the newly released and challenging book, Unarmed Empire.

There is plenty of tension between people of differing skin colors. The divide is real, the hurt is deep, the sides are entrenched.  The issue truly gets under our skin.  Does the church have anything to say or show?  Is there hope for healing?  What can your church do to change hearts way down deep, under our skin?

Click HERE to listen in on this crucial conversation, and ask God what He would have you do in your own journey as a minister of reconciliation.

About the Participants

Moderators and Panelists




Sean Palmer – Teaching pastor at Ecclessia in Houston, Texas




Darryl Reed – Lead minister at D.C. Regional Christian Church





Sergio Rizo – Vice President of Development, Ozark Christian College 




Travis Hurley – Director, Dream of Destiny


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