Multiethnic Church Plant Update: One Church in Jackson, MS

One Church in Jackson, Mississippi is the first church in our state’s history to start with a white and black pastor and just this year God led us to organize the first Multi-ethnic church conference with over 300 attendees from 40 churches.  It was such an honor to have high caliber speakers who are champions of he multi-ethnic church movement at the Embrace Conference, such as Dr. John Perkins, Pastor Albert Tate and Dr. Mark DeYmaz. We are already planning next year’s conference and invite you to join us June 8-10, 2018.

One Church is very diverse social-economically, generationally and ethnically (60% African American, 15% Hispanic/Immigrant and 25% Caucasian). Our heart is not just to be a church that looks like Heaven, but acts like Heaven, bringing a little Heaven to Earth, answering the Lord’s Prayer. One way God is leading us to do that is touching  the thousands of children at risk that live in apartments in our zip code.

We have been blessed with a unique but effective tool we call “The HOPE Truck”; a used ice cream truck that we drive into the apartments loaded with free ice cream, school supplies and fresh fruit and vegetables.  We also unload a portable playground to hang out and get to know the children, then finish with a Bible story and prayer time. At least 10-15% of the children and families are immigrants which has led us to advocacy work in partnership with the schools, local police and other community activist.

God is allowing our church family to enter into the pain and struggle of the marginalized and we see the need for a 24/7 facility where we can offer more ministry and community development. Presently we are searching and dreaming of a more permanent location where we offer a community center during the week and a place of worship. It is a big vision, but we have a big God who is giving us big dreams for our city. Would you please consider becoming a monthly partner to help us advance the gospel in a diverse and difficult place? Or maybe consider a one time generous gift to help us touch more children.

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About Matt McGue

One Church MattandSarahMcGue

Matt and Sara McGue

Matt McGue enjoys everyone he meets.  He is genuinely interested in people.  In fact, he loves to listen and learn from others who are different from him.  This guy can carry on a conversation with anybody, so introverts beware.

He enjoys riding his bicycle on the Trace but when he gets tired he prefers to ride his Yamaha V-Star motorcycle.  Matt enjoys most sports but loves to watch college football, and like any typical man, this guy loves to eat just about anything, so cook something for him and you’ll be a friend for life.  Interesting facts: Matt ran the Chicago Marathon, was adopted as a baby, graduated from Cincinnati Christian University and has been to 15 different countries.

Matt always says he “married up” and we all agree.  He and Sara have celebrated over 28 years together growing in their marriage and ministry.  Sara has a passion for kids and loves to teach history and is now an education consultant.  They have two adult sons, Mike and Ben.

Matt’s faith drives everything he does.  He experienced the forgiveness and grace of God when he was in high school and it was just a few months later when he dedicated his life to pastoring and preaching.


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