A New Year’s Resolution for the U.S. Church

As 2017 draws to a close and 2018 is upon us, our prayer at Dream of Destiny (DoD) is to see an increased number of churches embrace the Biblical mandate for pursuing cross-cultural, multi-ethnic churches in the new year.

As Mark DeYmaz so clearly explained in his book Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church, this will require a commitment to pursue the prayer of Jesus for visible unity (John 17:20-23), the example of the early church in Antioch (Acts 11 & 13), and the prescription of Paul for the mystery of the Gospel (Ephesians 2 & 3).

DoD offers coaching in this area for you or any church leaders you know who desire to embrace this Biblical mandate. And here is a great little video from D.A. Horton—pastor of Reach Fellowship in North Long Beach, California, and chief evangelist for the Urban Youth Workers Institute—on one action local churches can take to become more multicultural or multi-ethnic. Happy New Year!

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